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Episode #13 Russian fairy-tales

This is my 13th episode, and I think this calls for something creepy. But I want to save some properly creepy/scary shit for Halloween. So today I think I’ll just tell you a couple of Russian folk fairy-tales. I chose not literary versions but real folklore stuff, from Alexander Nikolaevich Afanasiev who collected those stories…

By Gigi Green August 30, 2018 0

Episode #4 – Mineral waters of the Caucuses

This is my fourth episode and the first episode that is about travel! Yay! It’s called Mineral waters of the Caucuses or Caucasian Mineral waters, that’s the same thing. So what the heck are Caucasian Mineral waters? That’s not mineral waters for white people. Rather it’s the most famous and popular Russian group of spa…

By Gigi Green June 6, 2018 0